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What We Are: 

We are an ascended employment re-entry & homeless shelter for


people who are fully ascended to the top of society in employment, education, recreation, life skills, volunteer work, etc... 

Ascended people in society include people working, volunteering, or studying in the field of politics or sociology to fix the whole society or large groups in society, especially if the issue is not yet in politics.


Services We Provide:

We provide the following services: 


* bunk bed dormitory housing

* food & drinks

* technology use (computer & phone)

* political employment assistance

* political recreation 

* assistance applying for government stipends

* more...

Who Our Clients Are: 

Our clients must meet all three of the following requirements: 

* lived in for-profit housing in the same area before homelessness

* worked in, volunteered in, or studied a political / societal field or were doing some political / societal activity in a for-profit business, non-for-profit, or government in the area before homelessness

* shopped in for profit businesses in the area before homelessness

The Difference Between Our Business & Others: 

* We accept only the homeless who: 


- lived and worked, volunteered, or studied a political / societal field or were doing some political / societal activities in the area before they went homeless. 


Other businesses accept anyone, ignoring where they lived, worked, studied, etc.. and what they were doing for employment. 


* The recreation we provide is only politically or societally based, and for the highest in life skills / socioeconomic class. Other businesses provide recreation, which is the opposite, treating all their clients during recreation like they are the lowest in life skills and socioeconomic class in society.

* We treat our clients like they are the ascended in society, while other shelters currently treat all of their clients like they are worse than the lowest in class in capitalism.

* There is extremely less psychic harm and harm to the psyche non-psychically for the ascended clients in our shelter compared to in the other shelters, which cause severe psychic harm and harm to psyche non-psychically to ascended clients by accepting every life skill / socioeconomic class of clients, providing no life skill / socioeconomic division of clients, and treating every client like they are below the lowest in class in capitalism, unlike what is found in capitalism.

Reasoning (or the Need) for an Ascended Shelter


Our reasoning for creating this shelter is fully psychology-based.


Current homeless shelters have the following problems:


- accept clients from every life skill / socioeconomic class and don't divide them, when capitalism does divide people by life skills / socioeconomic class

- accept clients not from the surrounding area, who are lower than the area's life skill / socioeconomic class and won't re-enter capitalism there

- treat all their clients as if they are worse than the lowest in life skills / socioeconomic class in society (recreation, job training, job advertisements, and more...)

- psychically harm and harm the psyche non-psychically of ascended clients by putting them with the lower life skilled / socioeconomic classes and treating them like the lower life skilled / socioeconomic classes

- political / world capitals like Washington, D.C. where the national government and United Nations buildings are, for the most part, have only the ascended people in society working there and homeless shelters need to exist to represent these people who go homeless. Ascended people go homeless too, and it is not fair to treat them like they are the un-ascended, below the lowest in life skill / socioeconomic class in capitalism, like all the current homeless shelters do.


There is no known shelter for the ascended homeless yet existing.

Our Location: 

We are currently online only.

The Creator & Owner of this Business: 

The creator and owner of this business is Melissa Kay Kinder. She is a U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, with many advanced psychology-based work projects to assist with psychological human rights violations. She has a psychology degree but studied psychology many years independently afterwards.

Contact Us: 

We are currently online only, until we receive fundings. Please contact Melissa Kay Kinder, for any reason about this business.

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