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General Explanation of Ascension Elections:


We are an advanced PSYCHology-based elections company, operating with an advanced understanding of PSYCHology, that assists people in getting elected into any position

at the ward, city, state, and national level, in order to ascend the quality of the government, one election at a time.

Services We Provide:

Government Problems & Solutions Education:

* We explain all the problems of all or most current governments, related or nonrelated to your own employment background, and how to solve those problems through policy

* We asses your own specific government by touring it and then explain its problems and give solutions 

Assistance Going Against an Opponent

* We assess of your opponents and then explain what is wrong with them and what to say against them

Election Campaigns Assistance:

We assist with the following: 

* website * events * agenda * speeches * campaign videos * photos * interviews * biography * logo * slogans * signs & posters * More...

Persona Improvement Assistance

We teach you the following:


* proper fashion * proper small talk * who to be seen talking to * places to be seen going to * products to buy & carry * activities to be seen doing * more...

Resume Improvement Before the Elections:

* We teach you what to do for work and as a volunteer to improve your changes in getting elected in the future


Contact Us:


Our business is currently online only.

Please contact the owner and consultant, Melissa Kay Kinder, at

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