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Types of Places We Lawsuit:

This is a psychology-based business which lawsuits based on:


- too low of life skills

- lack of life skill divisions

- harming of higher life-skilled people


mostly places outside of capitalism (for-profits, non-for-profits, and the government) either forced by the government or required and without any other option because of no, or low, income situations, but it also sometimes lawsuits for-profit businesses not forced or needed based on low- income situations.

Examples of places are listed below

  • Psychiatric Hospitals & Centers

  • Psychologic / Life Counseling / Life Therapy Centers

  • Homeless Day & Night Centers

  • Hospitals & Doctor's Offices

  • Libraries

  • Employment Centers

  • Workers in the Government Police, Prisons, Jails, Courts

  • Workers in the Government Human & Social Services

  • Universities & Colleges than Give Degrees to People Who Work in Types of Places Above

  • Organizations that Control & Give Credentials to the Types of Places Above

  • More...​​

Specific Reasons We Lawsuit:

  • Too Low in Life Skills of Staff Compared to Client

  • No Life Skill Division of Staff and Clients

  • Too Low of Life Skilled Life Counseling

  • No Life Skill Division of Staff an Clients in Life Counseling

  • Too Low in Life Skilled Recreation (with no or insufficient options for individualization of recreation so people can have their own life skill level of recreation available)

  • No Life Skill Divisions of Clients in Recreational Activities

  • Treatment of Clients like they are Lower in Life Skills than they Actually Are

  • Damaging the Quality of a City Area by Providing Free Services to People that are obviously not from the area surrounding the center but from Lower Life Skilled areas

  • Harming Clients Originally from the Surrounding Area with Lower Life Skilled Clients not originally from the Surrounding Area but from lower life skilled areas

  • Harming of Psychics & Treating Psychics Not as they are High in Life Skills but the Opposite

  • Harming of Higher in Life Skilled People (especially when treating them as the opposite)

  • Staff Having too Low of Life Skills to Naturally Work in the Field

  • Reverse Racial Discrimination (causing lower in quality staff compared to the rest of the area)

  • Falsely & Illogically Treating Clients like they are Psychiatric Patients (which is one way of treating people like they are lower life skilled), Especially when the Client Displays Higher Life Skills than the Staff

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