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Purpose of this Business: 

This is an advanced psychology-based business that is a life skill divided societal re-entry & homeless shelter for the people who went dislocated outside of capitalism in the same area as this shelter or who can easily be re-employed in the area. Clients are divided by their life skills inside the shelter, such that they are around the same people they are around inside of capitalism. Our life skill division of clients better protects clients and the locals of the area surrounding the shelter psychically and protects clients and the locals of the area surrounding the shelter's psyche. It also helps clients to re-enter society more efficiently.

It is a natural psychological human right to be (and a natural psychological human rights violation to not be) placed with people from the same socioeconomic class as in capitalism, while being re-entered into capitalism, after having exited it, and to protect your own body psychically and your own psyche, plus to re-enter capitalism efficiently.

Specific Services We Provide: 

* Beds to sleep in with Clients Divided by Life Skills  *  Food & Drinks  *  Hygiene Supplies  *  Clothing  *  Shower & Toilet  *  Over-the-Counter Healthcare Products   *  Computer & Phone Use  *  Maps & Directions around the City  *  Employment Assistance  *  Government Stipend Application Assistance  *  Housing & Roommate Finding Assistance  *  Lawsuit Assistance  *  Book Publishing Assistance  *  Business Creation Assistance  *  Political Asylum & Immigration Assistance  *  Life Skill Divided Recreational Activities & Supplies  *  More...

What is Different About this Business

Compared to Other Re-entry Businesses: 


* We divide clients by their life skills, using a questionnaire

* We do not accept clients who did not live, work, study, or shop in the surrounding areas' for-profit businesses before homelessness

* We provide recreation for all life skill levels of people, not just for the lowest, as the other shelters provide.

* We less destroy the clients and the locals of the area surrounding the shelter psychically as the other shelters.


* We less destroy the clients and the locals of the area surrounding the shelter's psyche.

* We do not destroy the clients from the area, the middle and upper life skilled clients, or the property and socioeconomic value of area surrounding the shelter because we do not accept clients not from the area or not able to easily enter capitalism in the area.

Why this Business is Needed:

* Clients in other shelters who used to live, work, etc.. in the area and who are upper and middle life skilled are so destroyed psychically and in their psyche by the other clients who did not live, work, etc.. in the area and who have lower life skills, that they refuse to enter any other shelter and remain outside in tents and sleeping bags away from the other clients 

* Other Shelters destroy the quality of the city area that they are in by accepting clients who did not live, work, etc. in the areas for-profits before homelessness. This business will not do so. 

* Other shelters treat the clients like they are all low life skilled in every aspect of life, instead of like the clients are a collection of people from every life skill level in all aspects of life. The other shelters are not for middle or upper life skilled people in any way.

Clients Accepted:


* People who went dislocated outside of capitalism after living and/or working/studying in the for-profit businesses in the surrounding area (businesses which did not have reverse racial discrimination and, preferably, businesses which don't accept government stipends)


* People who blend in with the life skills, or socioeconomic class, of the area and can easily get re-hired to work in the same area, even if they did not live and work/study in the same area, but a different and similar one, before​

Cost of Services:


* We try to make our services for profit, as in capitalism as much as possible, sometimes having to charge after services rendered when the client receives money.

* Most services are usually free at first, except when clients have enough income or money saved up to pay in advance.


Locations of Our Business: 


* We are currently online only.

Contact Us: 

This business is currently only online and awaiting donations.

Please contact Melissa Kay Kinder, the creator & owner of this business and website, if you would like to donate to or invest in or fundraise for this shelter. She is a U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, with many advanced psychology-based work projects.


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