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Purpose of this Shelter: 


The purpose of this shelter is to provide a safe and free place for the political homeless who:


(a) are going through a political situation which caused them to either go homeless or go into too severe financial problems

(b) need a political method or solution to get out of homelessness

It is a human right to be assisted with political problems, which caused homelessness, or which keep oneself from getting out of homelessness.


Specific Client Types this Shelter is Intended to Help: 

First priority is given to the following types of clients:


* U.S. citizens seeking political asylum from the U.S.A. and still inside the U.S.A.

* People harmed by the U.S. government and needing to lawsuit it

* People escaping from a U.S. spy or military situation situation

* People trying to start political businesses or work in politics for justice after being harmed by the U.S. government.

* People needing to immigrate from the U.S.A. to another country, for their own safety, but don't yet have enough money raised to do so. 

* More...

Second priority is given to following types of clients: 


* Foreigners seeking Political Assistance inside the USA

Third priority is given to following types of clients: 

* People who have university degrees in Political Science or people currently studying or did study Political Science as a major but don't yet have degrees.

* People who work or worked in Politics

The Political Assistance This Shelter Provides: 

* Information on where to go, what organizations (or who) to contact, and what to do.

* Contact the United Nations and other countries for assistance

* Contact U.S. Congress, White House, etc...

* Assist in lawsuits against the government and its workers

* Assist in political business creation.

* Assistance with protest creation.

* More...

Non-Political Assistance This Shelter Provides:


* Beds to sleep in

* Food & Drinks

* Hygiene

* Clothing

* Over-the-Counter Healthcare Products 

* Computer & Phone Use

* Maps & Directions around the City

* Employment Application Assistance

* Government Stipend Application Assistance

* Housing & Roommate Finding Assistance

* Book Publishing Assistance

* Political Level Recreational Activities & Supplies

* More...

Why this Shelter is so Needed: 


* No specialized shelters for political assistance exist yet, especially not in the political capital of the nation.

* Current generalized shelters don't know how to and even refuse to assist clients politically.

* Current shelters accept all clients, for all reasons for homelessness, and all life skill / socioeconomic classes into the same location without any division (unlike as in capitalism where people are divided by life skill / socioeconomic class), and current shelters' staff treat and think that all clients are worse than or the lowest in life skill / socioeconomic class when they are not, and all this harms the political clients psychically and harms their psyche non-psychically.


The Staff this Shelter Prefers to Hire:


This shelter prefers to hire people with both Political Science and Human Service University degrees. 

This Shelters' Location:


This shelter is currently located online only.


This shelter is not yet accepting clients, and it is currently online only.

If you would like to donate and help this shelter to get started, please contact, Melissa Kinder, the creator and fundraiser of this shelter, at Melissa Kay Kinder is a U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological (and other) human rights activist, with many advanced psychology-based work projects.

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