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PSYCH Defense USA & World is a free non-treasonous PSYCHic / paraPSYCHological defense organization. 


We defend:


- individuals

- businesses

- the U.S.A. as a nation & the World


We work with the following types of PSYCHic / paraPSYCHological issues: 

- UFOs and spaceships

- outer space aliens

- satellites

- helicopters, planes, cars doing PSYCHological operations

- PSYCHic battle grounds

- PSYCHotronic attacks: PSYCHological & Neurological warfare

- covert PSYCHic spies

- covert and overt PSYCHic military operations

- religion

- psychiatry

- homeless issues

- sun, moon, clouds, stars, etc... phenomenon

- shapeshifting / biokinesis

- time travel

- multiple dimensions

- invisibility

- teleportation

- holographic earth

- other quantum physics fields

- and more...

And we do the following specific activities: 

- study the defense issues

-report the defense issues to the USA government and to the United Nations

- participate in defense only if required and for self-defense

We work as free:

- parapsychological operation agents

The defense cases we study and report are:


- chosen by us

- found by us


Our location is:


- online

- Washington, D.C. in person but no physical business location

Our employees are: 

- Melissa Kinder, a parapsychological operations officer and agent, is the creator of this organization, and is a psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist and advocate. Before creating this organization, she was in many psychic / paranormal battle zones and situations

- other volunteers are sought with psychic abilities and awareness or interest in such and combat training

As for Contacting us,:


- we don't want to be contacted by email or phone for cases for now

- we choose and do our own investigations for now

Reason this organization was created is:


- the creator of this organization was in multiple psychic defense situations personally and unintentionally, as a revolutionary, and these situations supplied her with the initial information for this organization

- no one is yet reporting the psychic defense situations appropriately to the government and to the United Nations

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