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Our Business's Goals


This is an advanced psychology (particularly a parapsychology)-based business which has the goal to create technology that shows the following psychic phenomenon: 

- psychic connections between people, technology and the environment

- psychic communication between people

- psychic manipulation of people by other people & by technology in positive and negative ways

- psychic affects (non-manipulation) of people, technology, and the environment on people in positive and negative ways

- more...

Our Technology Can Help Society in the Following Fields

- Psychic Attacks by Other People

- Psychotronic Attacks on People

- Police, Military, National Security Agencies, etc...

- Healthcare in General

- Psychiatry, Especially

- Legal System & Justice (Courts)

- Education

- Religion

- Social Intelligence of Society as a Whole

- Places Outside of Capitalism & their Harm to People's Bodies Psychically Because of Lack of Life Skill Divide of People by Classes as in Capitalism

- More...

Join Us:


Seeking Employees: 


- Fundraisers

- Psychics who understand the connections between people and how to communicate and manipulate other people's bodies

- People who are psychic enough to know when technology is psychically manipulating people and understand in some ways how the technology is influencing people

- Engineers, physicists, parapsychologists, and others to create the technology

Seeking Donor & Investors: 


This is an important endeavor for our society's future, and we need donors and investors to get us started. 

Contact Us:


We are currently online only. Please contact the creator of this company, Melissa Kay Kinder, if you would like to assist us in moving forward. Melissa Kay Kinder is a U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, trying to assist with advanced psychological human rights violations and to ascend the quality and the psychological intelligence of the fields of psychology and psychiatry and the general public, especially about the psychic realm, with many advanced psychology-based work projects.

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