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The Purpose of this Shelter: 


This is psychology-based, particularly parapsychology-based, shelter for people who went homeless or dislocated outside of capitalism because they were harmed by:


- psychic attacks

- psychic connections to other people

- any other psychic phenomenon

- psychiatry for being psychic or experiencing the psychic

It is a natural PSYCHological human right to be assisted with negative PSYCHic realm experiences.

Our Services:


* a bed to sleep in 

* food to eat

* counseling on psychic attacks nd psychic connections

* some psychic protection

* assistance in re-entry to employment and housing

* government stipend assistance (non-psychiatric)

* more...

Why We are Needed: 


* No shelters with this specialization yet exist.

* We do not treat clients like they are psychiatric patients with mental illness like other shelters do, especially places that hire non-parapsychology-focused psychology majors and psychiatrists and force psychiatric evaluations on clients before they can receive services. We understand that psychiatry falsely claims that psychic attacks and all psychic phenomena are a delusion and a mental illness called psychosis or schizophrenia. We know that psychiatry is currently illegitimate, undeveloped and a pseudo-science, especially when it comes to the psychic realm. 

Contact Us: 

We are online only for now until we get enough donations. Please contact the owner of this website and business, Melissa Kay Kinder. She is a U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist (especially parapsychological), with many advanced psychology-based work projects, trying to assist with psychological human rights violations, which the governments and the United Nations are not yet assisting with and even ignoring, and which non-for-profit and for-profit businesses are not yet created to assist with.

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