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What this Organization Does: 


This is an advanced psychology-based company which assists people to immigrate or seek political asylum from countries for the following psychology-related reasons:

- forced, low-life skilled & illegitimate psychiatry & psychiatric drug poisoning

- psychics being harmed by forced psychiatry who believe psychic phenomenon is a delusion

- psychic attacks and psychic harm from people

- psychotronic attacks, including from the government

- countries with lower life skill laws, in terms of human behavior

- having different life skills, or behavioral laws, than their country, either higher or lower

- psychologically (emotionally) harmed by the lower life skilled culture, behavioral laws of their country

- un-ascended governments causing them severe psychological harm

- Christian & Judeo-Christian countries with governments having insufficient separation from religion

Services Offered:

information about different countries cultures and legal systems and governments

- contacting United Nations and other country's governments

- assistance in obtaining money to immigrate or seek asylum

- arranging transportation, living accommodation, and work in another country

Uniqueness of Our Business & its Need:


We are the first or one of few business to provide immigration assistance to people for these psych-related reasons.



We are currently online only.

Contact Us:


We are not yet ready to be contacted.

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