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The Purpose of Our Shelter: 

This is an advanced psychology-based shelter for people who went homeless or dislocated outside of capitalism because of psychiatric malpractice. This including forced psychiatry and negative side effects of psychiatric drugs.

An explanation of this problem is below:

Our Services: 

* bed to sleep in

* food to eat

* help in getting assistance through non-for-profits specializing in this problem, help in getting a lawyer that specializes in this problem

* help in complaining to the United Nations

* assistance in getting back employed and housed

* assistance in applying for government stipends (non-psychiatric)

* more...

Why We are Needed:

* We do not treat clients like they are psychiatric patients with mental illness like other shelters do.

* Other shelters hire psychology majors and psychiatrists and often force psychiatric evaluations on clients before they are accepted.

* We do not believe in psychiatry and see it as only a pseudoscience, undeveloped, and believe it to be more harmful than helpful. 

* We will be the only shelter specializing in this problem.

Our Location: 

We currently are online only.

Contact Us: 

We are online only right now until we obtain enough donations. Please contact the owner of this website and business, Melissa Kay Kinder. Melissa Kay Kinder is a U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, with many advanced psychology-based work projects.

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