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Purpose of this Business:

This is a homeless day center and night shelter for people with university degrees to re-enter employment with jobs or careers that require either any university degree or a university degree in their specific degree field.

It is not for people without at a university degree or for people who will not see a job or career that requires a university degree.

Why this Business is Needed & Was Created:

Other re-entry day centers and night shelters assume no one has a university degree and will begin work in manual labor positions and at best retail positions. Jobs on the job boards and job training programs are for manual labor positions requiring not only no university degree, but also no high school degree.

Also, so many other day centers and shelters treat their clients like they are developmentally challenged and have no ability to work.

Services Provided:


* Assistance in obtaining employment which requires a university degree.

* Assistance obtaining government stipends and documents.

* Assistance in finding housing.

* Food & Drinks

* A bed to sleep in

* more...

Our Location:


This business currently is currently online only.

Contact Us:


We are not yet ready to be contacted, but the contact person is the creator of this business and website Melissa Kay Kinder.


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