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How We Want Shelters Divided

Hire-ability of Shelter Clients in the Area Surrounding the Shelter

- Hirable in the area

- Non-hirable in the area, but somewhere else

- Non-hirable at all, anywhere

Life Skills of the Shelter Clients & the Staff

- Nutrition, Fitness, Communication Skills, Education, Past Employment, etc...

Past, Current, Future, & Natural Employment Fields of the Shelter Clients

(will add text here later)

Shelter Clients who were Reverse Racial Discrimination Employees, Tenants, etc... Treated Different

(will add text here later)

Shelter Clients' Past Zip Codes of Employment & Housing

(will add text here later)

Shelter Clients with Disability Income Placed in Separate For-Profit Shelters

(will add text here later)

Business Fields the Shelter Clients Worked in

(will add text here later)

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