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Purpose of this Organization:


This is an advanced perspective psychology-based organization with the purpose of helping the victims of harmful, unjust psychiatry. Psychiatry is healthcare field which is still a pseudoscience or pseudo-healthcare field, and it causes much health-harm. 

Psychiatry's harm to its 'patients' is a major psychological human rights violation, that the governments and the United Nations are hardly helping to assist with.


- See how psychiatry is victimizing people on this websites page titled "Psychiatry's Victimizations.


- See how this organization helps the victims of psychiatry on this websites page "How We Help."

Location of this Organization:


The location of this organization is currently online only.

Creator & Owner of this Organization:


Name: The creator and owner of this organization is Melissa Kay Kinder.

Background: She is a U.S.A. presidential-level and United Nations-level, advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, with many advanced psychology-based work projects, trying to assist with major psychological (and other) human rights violations, especially ones which people are not yet assisted with by their governments or by the United Nations, via her advanced psychological perspective. She is also trying to ascend the quality and psychological intelligence of the fields of psychology and psychiatry and the public. She has a university degree in psychology, and she self-studied psychology for many, many years. Her direct experience with psychiatry is from being a victim of the field herself. Every victimization of psychiatry on this websites page "Psychiatry's Victimizations" has happened to her personally, and not just to others.



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