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* Government Elections 

* Protests

* Rallies & Events

* Complaining to the United Nations for Assistance

* Letters to Legislatures like U.S. Congress

* Government Consulting

* Political Asylum & Immigration Assistance

* Lawsuits against Psychiatric Centers

* Lawsuits against the Government

* Contacting the News Stations

* Writing Magazine, Journal, Newspaper, etc... Articles

* Creation of Better Psychiatric Businesses

* Creation of Better School Curriculum for Psychiatry or for People Wanting to Work in Psych Wards  

* Force an Opening Up of the Psychiatric Court System to the Public so that Psychiatric Malpractice Can be Better Monitored

* Create Entertainment (t.v. shows, movies, novels, etc...) which Display the Problems

* Create Documentaries about the Problems

* Raise Awareness for what is Happening

* Creation of Shelters and Assistance with Shelter for Victims of Psychiatry

* Promoting the Creation of Charter Cities where Psychiatry is not as Harmful and with so many Victims

* More...

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