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Purpose of this Organization: 


This is a psychology-based, particularly parapsychology-based, organization whose purpose is to protect people from psychiatry who:

- are actually psychic themselves

- have experienced the psychic realm, especially in positive or neutral ways, and not just in negative ways

- believe in, practice, or study the psychic realm


Psychiatry is falsely diagnosing psychics and people who experience the psychic realm (including people who experience 'God') as "mentally ill" / psychotic / schizophrenic and either coercing or forcing them on psychiatric drugs called antipsychotics which either make them less psychic or less affected or disconnected from the psychic realm, while giving them severe neurological side effects and shortening their lifespans by 25 years. Psychiatry is even locking away psychics and people who experience the psychic realm into psychiatric prisons.

This is an advanced, major psychological human rights violation happening all over the U.S.A. and world, in which all the governments and the United Nations are not yet assisting with and even ignoring, and in which no non-for-profit or for-profit businesses have yet been created to assist with. Plus, no educational books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, newscasts, documentaries, etc... or organized groups, specifically for this violation, have been created complaining about the problem (though the problem has been displayed adn complained about in certain locations).


For more information, please go to the following pages of this website:

- "Info on Psychics"

- "How Psychics Need Protection"

- "How We Protect Psychics" 


* Location of this Organization:

This organization is based on knowledge and experience about the problem of psychics and people experiencing the psychic realm needing protection from psychiatry inside the U.S.A. and is intended to primarily, or at least initially, help inside the U.S.A. Its current location is online.

* About the Creator and Owner of this Organization:

- Name: Melissa Kay Kinder

- Work Bio: She is a U.S.A., presidential-level and United Nations-level advanced psychological revolutionary and psychological human rights activist, with many advanced psychology-based work projects, trying to assist with many psychological (and other) human rights violations, especially ones which the governments and the United Nations are not yet assisting with or even ignoring, and which non-for-profit and for-profit businesses have not yet been created to assist with, using her advanced psychological perspective! She is also trying to ascend the quality of and psychological intelligence of the fields of psychology and psychiatry. 

- University Degree: Psychology / Business Administration

- Personal Experience with the Issue: She was severely harmed herself multiple times in the past by psychiatry for being psychic and for experiencing the psychic realm, and she knows personally what psychiatry is actually doing. 


- Studies in this Issue: She studied advanced psychology independently for many years, including the psychic realm and the problem of psychiatry harming psychics and people experiencing the psychic realm.



newest social media and blog picture of me. presidential & U.N. level advanced psychologic
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